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Using the right agent and preparing your property will ensure you get the best possible price for your property. When you partner with us, The Property Shop agent will advise you in detail, the best way you can improve the sales opportunity of your property, affordably and easily. A brief outline follows, covering:


When you sell your property can have a big impact on the final price. Consider your property’s greatest assets: are they best presented in winter or summer, morning or afternoon? In the past the natural inclination was to showcase your home in the warmer months, but these days with the constant shortage of property on the market all year we have found that from mid-January to mid-December the market is always strong.

All these factors and others, including your personal circumstances and the state of the market, are taken into consideration and weighed against years of experience when your The Property Shop agent advises the best time to sell your house.

Methods of Sale

Should you sell your house through private treaty, which allows buyers time to discover and commit to buying, or place it for auction? An auction sets a time limit and if your property is hotly contested will push the price up. It also puts negotiations into the public domain and buyers on the spot, but for the right property it can produce the best possible result.


Simple touches can make a significant difference to your property’s saleability. Potential buyers are imagining a future here and need a clean surface to place their dreams upon.

Tidying and thoroughly cleaning – inside and out – is the first step. Some corners may require more effort: fix that swinging gate, squeaky door and flaking paint. Buyers can be turned off by offensive odours or signs of the following so remove all traces before inspections: pets, damp, sewerage, cigarettes, stains, water damage, flaking or peeling paint/wallpaper and clutter.

Once your property appears in good condition, final decorative touches can really lift your home. Finishing can include hiring furniture to decorate an empty property, adding fences around perimeters and pools to increase child safety, or be as simple as a bowl of fruit or a vase of fresh flowers. Your The Property Shop agent will assist you in finding that tradesperson should you require.

Marketing Campaign

Once you have decided on the timing/process and your property is looking its best, it’s time to put your property on the market. The breadth and quality of your marketing campaign is what notifies and attracts buyers. At The Property Shop we use professional photography, copywriting, design and print services to ensure your ads stand out from the crowd.

Advertisements can be arranged to run across a number of publications to suit your requirements, including the internet, capturing a wide and diverse buyer base. You also receive the advantage of The Property Shop’s outstanding database of buyers, which may grant you a sale without any further marketing requirements saving you thousands of dollars.

Open for Inspection

During your open for inspection it is best to make yourself and any pets scarce. This allows potential buyers the freedom to explore in detail and ask potentially challenging questions to the agent. Your The Property Shop agent will give you all the details after the viewing so you won’t miss out on anything by not being there. We call your open home “show time” because that’s when we must be at our best. You have made the effort to display your home and now it’s up to us to make the most of it. At The Property Shop our open for inspections are very different to the way most agents conduct their viewings so come along and check us out.

Contract of Sale

Have your Solicitor prepare a contract of sale. In NSW, if the property is under 2.5has in land area, you must make the contract available before the property can be offered for sale.

A Contract for the sale of land may require a recent survey (indicating land size, buildings and any access rights). If the property is currently leased, advise your Solicitor of the expiry dates and conditions. You must also note inclusions – standard items are light fittings, floor coverings and window dressings.

Additionally, useful attachments could include pest and building reports and building certificates from Council approving any building works you have undertaken. Owner builders note also that you will require Warranty Insurance if selling within 7 years of completion.

Appointing an Agent

Whilst it is not mandatory to have an agent manage your sale, they will offer insights based on many years of experience. Their negotiation skills can also make a big difference to your final result. They may also provide additional services to improve your success and make the process smooth and enjoyable including styling, marketing and even financial services.

Research your local agents and find one who can deliver the results you are looking for. Preparing and selling you property can be a harrowing experience so choose someone you trust who will take the hard work out of it for you. Why not road test us by coming to one of our open for inspections?

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