Buying a home or property is a very big financial investment - most likely the biggest one you will ever make. There are a few points that you should consider before signing the contract:


Using our online calculator and seeking advice from your financial lender, determine what your limitations are and exactly how much you can afford to borrow. Pre-approvals are best arranged before you inspect. This saves disappointment if you see something you like but can’t afford.

Research and Requirements

Take the time to research the area that you intend purchasing in. Investigate access to facilities such as schools, transport, day care, medical and others. Attend open for inspections to gauge properties available in your price range and the type of property you are seeking.

Talk to our Agents

Have a friendly chat with The Property Shop Agents who will guide you through your search for the property you are seeking. We can also keep you up to date with all new listings by registering on our buyer’s alert.

Obtain a Copy of the Contract

Having found your house or property ask you’re The Property Shop Agent to provide a copy of the Contract to you or your Solicitor/Conveyancer. This will provide you with an insight into any legal issues which may arise.

Pest Inspection and Building Report

Some financial institutions and most Solicitors/Conveyancers require you to have a Pest Inspection and Building Report carried out on the home you are interested in purchasing. This will give you an indication of any pest issues or structural defects.


Now that you have the information required you are in a position to negotiate to purchase. Any offers should be submitted through the Vendor’s (Seller’s) Agent.

Contract for the sale of land

Once you have negotiated a sale you will need to sign the Contract for the sale of land and pay the deposit, usually 10% of the purchase price.This is held in the Agent’s Trust Account as stakeholder for the Vendor. Sometimes purchasers elect to utilise a Deposit Bond which is available form most financial lending institutions.

Exchanging Contracts

The Vendor (Seller) will sign their Contract for the sale of land and the Solicitors/Conveyancers will then exchange the Contracts. In a purchase at Auction the Agent will exchange the Contract for the sale of land. Most settlement periods are 6 weeks or 42 days from the date of exchange unless an alternative period of time is arranged.

Pre-Settlement Inspection

Prior to you settling on your purchase your Solicitor/Conveyancer may suggest a pre-settlement inspection, usually on the day of settlement. This enables you to ensure that the house or property is in the same condition as when you inspected it and that the inclusions are as per the Contract for the sale of land.

Moving In

On settlement you will be handed the keys to your property.
This is an important time for you and we invite you to call us for any assistance and help.